PC Gaming VS GPU Mining: Logan’s Two Cents | Rant:30

This week, Jay from JayzTwoCents made a video titled, “Is Crypto Currency Killing PC Gaming”. It’s sensational and it panders to the PC Master Race community, but it does little to address the problem (not much does and it sucks). It’s merely a circle jerk for hits. We have our own sensational video where we both agree and vehemently disagree with Jay’s righteous stance. Basically, we are all for gaming and all for crypto currency. Check it out and let’s get this discussion started.  Keep it civil.

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Notable Replies

  1. I just want to be able to upgrade my gpu and feed my kids.

  2. I never understood blaming miners for what is clearly a supply problem. I’m not a miner but I always liked the idea of digital currency, kinda like saying fuck you gov. we have our own way doing things.

  3. Kdax says:

    Please, make a video about which coins you should mine, which os and programms you would use.

    best regards

  4. This would actually make a killer video - I know SO many people don’t know how to get started, wallets to consider, shit to mine, etc… Make something straight forward, to the point so I can share it with people asking me all the time - please. lol

  5. Crypto currency in general is broken. Since everyone veiws it as an asset even if you could use it in your day to day life people would be too afraid to buy a cup of coffee with it in fear of the value going increasing.

    Not to mention the value of coins being a bigger circle jerk than the currency backed by our government.

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