Crit Deals: 25% Off Dawn of War III, $95 GTX 1050

On the eve of the Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III release, GMG is slashing the price 25% from $60 to $44.99. Since this weekend’s Open multiplayer Beta, much talk has been had on whether the new RTS (with a dash of MOBA) is worth the full $60 MSRP. Some loved the beta, some not so much, but what we know is that you can get pick up for $15 less than the asking price on Steam. The game goes live tomorrow at 10AM Pacific time.

Those in the market for a cheap GeForce GTX 10 series GPU look no further than NewEgg and their dynamite price for an MSI GTX 1050 card for $95. It’s a 48 hour-only discount making the cheapest GTX 1050 we’ve seen and is much less than the $110 – $150 you usually come across.

While the new Warhammer is getting a Thursday release, an uncommon day of the week for a new game to launch, this last Tuesday saw several new titles arrive… all with discounts. Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 still includes the pre-order bonus Season Pass ($30 value) and is $10 off at GMG with their 20% mark down to $39.99. Batman: Arkham VR‘s best price online is Bundle Stars, where they’ve cut the price from $20 to $16. Dragon Quest Heroes II has been a title harder to find discounts on, but GMG is to the rescue on this one as well with at least a 15% mark off from $60 to $51.

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