Intel NUC vs Geekom Mini IT13 | Geekom Wins in Both Price & Performance Halloween Sale 25% code:TS25
Windows 11 Pro a $22:
Windows 10 Pro a $16:
Windows 10 Home a $14:
Office 2021 Pro a $51:
Office 2019 Pro a $45:
Office 2016 Pro a $27:

Geekom Mini IT13 Overview video:

GEEKOM Mini IT13 Official Purchase Link:
$40 off Coupon code: Tek Syndicate

Geekom 20th Aniversary Sale:

GEEKOM Mini IT13 Amazon:
US$40 off coupon code: TekSyndicate


This video puts a higher priced Intel NUC featuring an i7 against a lower priced Geekom Mini IT13 with an i9. It’s crazy how much cheaper the Geekom option is. So, check out the video to see how it performs against the #NUC.

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