A Message to Linus (LTT)

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I was staying out of the LTT drama, but I’ve seen some very anti-employee stuff going on, and I’ll never shut up about that. I do expect tons of hate from this video… and I expect people to yell about whatever false reality they live in regarding the old tek drama… I’ll just be blocking you if you try to derail this topic with that nonsense.

The issue here is the double standard I see with Linus of, “If you have a problem, you can come to me,” but also, “MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY.”

I’m going to get past a lot of the nonsense and address the paradox that is this: what’s best for employees is not what is best for the CEO, the owner, the rich people at the top, or the corporation. In order for a corporation to grow and make the maximum amount of money, they must exploit the labor as much as possible. So, the interest of the corporation is to take as much as possible from the employee. The interest of the employee is to have a good life/work balance. These two things are at odds… so the choice is to continue to exploit employees or to allow them to have a better life.

Just watch the dam video.


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