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I just completely re-lived my childhood while watching #FPS: First Person Shooter Documentary. It covers literally everything. Games discussed: #doom #wolfenstein #deusex #systemshock #dukenukem #half-life #halflife #halo #goldeneye #unreal #prey #dusk #quake #darkforces #descent #sin #tribes #cod #rainbowsix #ionfury #portal @borderlands #timesplitters #tf2 and SO many more.

Featuring interviews with: John Carmack, John Romero, Tom Hall, Adrian Carmack, Scott Miller, Warren Spector, Cliff Bleszinski, and some guy named Dave Oshry (among dozens more).


FPS: First Person Shooter brings together the greatest lineup of game creators,
pro players, and industry experts ever assembled on-screen to take players on
a 4+ hour journey spanning over 50 years of epic games, moments, and stories.
Relive the genre’s origin story and explosive evolution with the legends who
brought it to life.

Go behind closed doors to witness pivotal moments in gaming history–from the
creation of the first FPS at NASA Ames Research Center and the formation of id
Software, to the big bang of “Doom clones” that inspired competition around
the world and the rise of military shooters and the “boomer shooters” of today.

FPS: First Person Shooter combines entertainment and insight to present the
definitive story of one of the world’s most popular and beloved video game




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