Software I use Every Day | What Programs Do You Use? Halloween Sale 25% code:TS25
Windows 11 Pro a $22:
Windows 10 Pro a $16:
Windows 10 Home a $14:
Office 2021 Pro a $51:
Office 2019 Pro a $45:
Office 2016 Pro a $27:


GET a #VPN: #privateinternetaccess

My web browser is #Firefox:

Music Player:
Ear Trumpet takes over the Windows volume control:
I use #Voicemeeter to route my ins and outs:

Downloading stuff:

Gaming and Game Dev:
#Aseprite for #pixelart:
Where I buy games:

Microsoft PowerToys:
Open Broadcaster for screen capture:
Handbrake for rendering videos:
Discord for chat (but I don’t like it as a platform):
Malwarebytes for malware removal:
Microsoft Tasks for my to-do list:
Notepad++ for text editing:
Bulk Rename Utility for renaming tons of files at once:
Open-Shell to replace my Windows start menu:

Cheers! Tell me what you’re using every day.

I want to focus more on software, because hardware is cool and all… but software is why I have the hardware. I don’t love every program on this list, but these are the applications I use every (or mostly every) day:


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I like heavy metal and video games. Hardware is ok too, I guess. Twitter:

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