Awesome Speakers Under $100 – Bestisan SR02 50W Bookshelf Speakers

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Note, I’ve been thinking these were called Bestian all day because I’m insane… it’s BESTISAN.

Audio is kinda my thing, and I’m always looking for the best speakers at the lowest price, so we can all have good audio… not just the rich bastards. I’ve found these Bestisan #bookshelfspeakers and they really surprised me. They have a very clean sound for the money and easily sound as good as many branded speakers that cost twice as much. Here they are on Amazon:

Bestisan SR02:
They could use a sub:

Another option is to get passive speakers and a little amp… I actually love this method:
Singing Wood T25 speakers:
Nobsound Mini Amp:

I’d still recommend a woofer, but clean audio under $100 is the goal and I think this will do the trick.


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