The last GTX 1060 for $229 and RX 580 for $302

If you’re a gamer who hoped to build a new rig this Summer, you probably hate crypto currency mining. The GPU buying craze has driven up the price to insane levesl compared to just a few months ago. While you once might have found deals around $200 for the GTX 1060’s or $350 for the GTX 1070’s, you can now expect to pay $400+ GTX 1060’s or $500+ for a GTX 1070. This has affected virtually all retailers and all models, but we found the last holdout deals at normal prices.

Dell must have received a shipment of PNY and VizionTek video cards, because they are charging what use to constitute normal prices. The old 3GB GTX 1060 is back down to $229 and the GTX 1070 $430 – both insanely cheap compared to the competition. Also uninflated are VisionTek Radeon RX 580’s for $302 or the RX 570 for $236.

This week Lenovo launched their 4th of July sale. We’ve round up the hot deals an posted them here, but we warn you it’s a disappointment save one insanely hot desktop deal. The Lenovo Y710 Cube with GTX 1060, 16GB RAM, and a 1TB hard drive + 128GB SSD is down to $899 – a huge $450 discount off the original $1,350 and about as cheap as you could build it yourself.

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