Mayflower Electronics ARC AMP/DAC – The Most Epic Options Ever

We take a look a custom headphone amp from Mayflower Electronics, and Logan some full frontal truths on you.

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Notable Replies

  1. Tao says:

    I don't recommend the Antlion Mod Mic due to its terrible build quality. Mine failed in two different ways. First was only 1 month out of warranty where the wire twisted and torqued off in the jack. Antion only offered to sell me a refurb. After much frustration soldering on a new jack, the wire broke somewhere in the line a few months later.


    If you made your own microphone I would totally get one!

  2. @Logan what if i for exapmle have a hyper x headset where the mic and headphones run through the same jack. can i still plug this into the headphone jack in the AMP/DAC with ought getting a secondary mic? cheers

  3. Tao says:

    I think you can get a y splitter to separate the two.

  4. I spy

    • Wurth polymer caps
    • AKM AK4117VF audio interface (24/192)
    • Gold plated 3.5mm jacks
    • Linear Technologies LT8471 (dual channel DC-DC converter)
    • Omron relay
    • What may be a MCU?
    • And a lot of flux residue
  5. Mine finally arrived. I didn’t realize I was missing out using DT 880’s without an amp for that long.

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