Ryzen 5 & 7 coupon discounts + XCOM 2 expansion 26% drop

Ready to build with Ryzen. Nothing will start your build off better than a good processor discount. This week several Ryzen 5 and 7’s are going on sale for their lowest prices ever at various retailers. On the cheaper side is the Ryzen 5 where eBay has a 20% off coupon applying to both the 1500X and 1600X slashing them to $150.39 and $199.99 respectively – both new lows. Amazon has the best price do date on the Ryzen 7 1700 with a drop to $270 while Jet has the one tier higher Ryzen 1700X for $305 after coupon.

Did you pick up XCOM 2 during the Steam Summer Sale? Already beat it? More content is on the way and out August 28 in the XCOM 2: War of the Chosen expansion. While a $40 purchase on Steam, GMG has it this weekend on sale for only $29.51 after coupon. If you need the XCOM 2 base game, it’s actually cheaper this weekend than the $20 Steam sale price with a drop to $17.09 at the WinGame Store.

While the eBay coupon code this weekend only works at select reatilers, and much hardware is exclusded with the code, one more processor deal can be made on a i7-7700K unit. The 20% off coupon combines with instant savings dropping it to only $289.99. The drop to $290 is about what you find the weaker i7-7700 without overclocking go for.

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