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Remember when Dungeons & Dragons was a game that turned wholesome young people into Satan loving demons?

Thankfully those days are long behind us (I’m sure someone’s mom still thinks this somewhere, sorry kid).  D&D, along with the thousands of other Role Playing Games that have come in its wake, has gone from taboo loser activity to cultural mainstay.  It was even recently inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame for being a gaming icon.  D&D has been around so long that there are now generations playing it.  I’ve met entire families that play the game around their kitchen table, including their 5 year old.  More and more people these days have expressed interest in wanting to play, but are unsure of where to start.  Well fear not, I’m here to help.
For those of you not aware of my D&D street cred let me lay it down for you: I’ve been playing RPGs for over 20 years, the majority of it being the various editions of Dugeons & Dragons.  Until I started at Crit TV I was the RPG expert at the largest gaming store on the west coast, and I also DM (run D&D games) professionally. So when I say I want to help you get started, let it be known I’ve done my research.

We plan on releasing some videos soon that will have a break down of races, classes, and backgrounds to help you pick a character.

Let’s say you have some buddies and you all want to play D&D.  The best bet for you would be to start here:


The D&D 5th Edition Starter Set.  It comes with five pre-made characters, a basic rule rule, dice, and a mini campaign that will run your characters out to fifth level.  This is literally everything needed for 2-6 people to play, except pencils. It’s ages 12+ due to content, so use discretion when playing with younguns. 5th Edition is the latest and greatest in the D&D series, and I find it to be really fun and easy to learn. It provides easy to learn rules for new players, while still packing a good enough punch for seasoned vets.  You and your crew will have fun learning how to play this game using this.  It’s a fun learning experience for the whole group and you need not have any previous D&D hours logged to understand what’s going on.  ANYONE CAN PLAY THIS.


There are a few downsides to this guy.  While it is everything 2-6 people need to play, its not for 2-6 people to play comfortably. Having one set of dice makes things time consuming. You roll A LOT in D&D, it’s better if everyone has their own.  The other downside is that once you’re at the end of the module, that’s it. You’re out of material.  Also,  you don’t get to have the fun of making your own character unless you also purchase a Player’s Handbook. I’ll go into detail on the Player’s Handbook on the next page.  If you get one of those, you can make your own characters and run them through this campaign, then continue on with them once it’s done.  Players often get attached to their characters, so having to restart with new level one guys can be heart breaking something.  This not doing it for you? Ready for the next step? Check out the next page!

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Notable Replies

  1. just got home from my first time playing, and it is so much fun.

  2. My first character was a boring ol’ human assassin.

    Only did two things of note:

    1. Managed to get a crit so strong my character killed an interdimensional demon in one hit, without being seen in a room of people.
    2. Tamed a zebra, “traded” it for passage on a ship, and stole it back. Ain’t nobody messing with the zebra.

    Other than that, my character pretty much just went along for the ride.

  3. That was one of my friends that game. His character was about as strong as a wet noodle, but he was “handsome as balls”. He befriended the final boss and made it promise to stop being a bad guy without the boss attacking even once.

  4. Chaotic neutral is best neutral.

    Especially when all of us playing are that archetype :slight_smile:

    That game also had a character get completely fucked over by a lion, take a nap, and then swim across an entire ocean.

    DM was so mad at the end of it all.

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