Sony Sensor in a Budget 20 MP/4K Mirrorless MFT Camera | YI M1 Overview

We tested the YI M1 in today’s video! 20MP Sony sensor, capable of 4K with a MFT mount seems great on paper, but was YI capable of pulling it off? Logan finds out.

Included in our kit had the 12-40mm F3.5-5.6 lens and the 42.5mm F1.8 lens. Unique and interesting choices were made, like the lack of manual focus on the prime lens.

Specs and performance:
4K/30fps video recording and 20MP still images
Sony IMX269 Image Sensor
Built-in Wi-Fi and BLE Bluetooth
ISO range of 100 (simulated) to 25600
Shutter speed ranges from 1/4000 to 60 seconds
Capable of continuously shooting at 5FPS
3″ LCD Touch Screen
Comes in “storm black” or “ice silver”
Micro USB and HDMI output ports

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Notable Replies

  1. So would this be considered one of the best cameras in its price bracket ($350 for the frame and single lens)?

    I've used point and shoots and a basic SLR before, but all this digital froufrou is beyond me.

  2. I wouldn't consider it the best... But maybe if they expanded on their manual focus options (like focus peaking would've made this AMAZING).

  3. Sorry ahead of time for the banter between Logan and I lmao Also sorry about the end slates, was testing the system for Crit's videos.

  4. Might as well get a whole other camera at this point :stuck_out_tongue: The form was intended for run and gun, quick snaps but that was capable of packing a punch that an expensive camera would carry. Really it just needs better software implementation, in my mind.

    Remind me next week - supposedly we're getting inches of ice tonight and tomorrow, and Friday its supposed to be riots in Portland so I might not be making it in this week again.

  5. No idea. But being that you can just simply load in a new one via SD card, I imagine someone could bake their own as well (Magic Lantern does this).

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