Upgrading Doug’s Chassis | Planting Plants in a Well-Plant Manner | Shenanigans

Just kind of a fun upload while we get back into the swing of things… There’s an upload coming out soon that many of you have been waiting a while for! Stay tuned.

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Notable Replies

  1. Nice decorations, they're quite AESTHETIC.

  2. Gratz Doug. What outlet is CRIT selling stuff on.?? Will there be a misc. section to the store?

  3. http://www.epicpants.com/

    We just ordered a doug mousepad and shirt!

    Edit... oh, you meant the hardware... we are doing some of the unopened stuff and such on ebay, but I can list stuff on the forums here if anyone wants.

  4. fox says:

    Very disappointed by the lack of RGB. Hope it is at least gluten-free and organic.

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