• The Best New Tabletop RPGs You Need to Play

    Store:, Music: Patreon: Game Deals: the community: You can create a new account or join using your google, steam, facebook, openID, twitter, linkedin, yahoo, etc. Blades in the Dark-  Star Trek Adventures-  Tales from the Loop-  7th Sea-  Timewatch-  Xanathar’s Guide to Everything-  Vampire the Masquerade- If you have questions, comments, suggestions, or if would like to use a portion of this video please email us: [email protected] For marketing (sponsorship opportunities) inquiries email [email protected] Social: Twitter: Logan’s Twitter: Facebook:

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  • Awesome New Co-Op Tabletop Game: Aeon’s End | Analog

    Check out Aeon’s End: and Expansion: Store:, Music: Game Deals: Patreon: It’s the return of Analog, the farthest thing from tech possible! Today Justin takes a look at Aeon’s End. Website: Forum: —————————– Discord: Facebook: Instagram:… Reddit: Steam:… Twitch: Twitter: For marketing (sponsorship opportunities) inquiries email [email protected] Follow the team: Logan: Pistol: Justin: Gimbal used: Zhiyun Crane on Amazon:

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  • Everybody, Roll for Initiative | How to Start Playing D&D

    Remember when Dungeons & Dragons was a game that turned wholesome young people into Satan loving demons? Thankfully those days are long behind us (I’m sure someone’s mom still thinks this somewhere, sorry kid).  D&D, along with the thousands of other Role Playing Games that have come in its wake, has gone from taboo loser activity to cultural mainstay.  It was even recently inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame for being a gaming icon.  D&D has been around so long that there are now generations playing it.  I’ve met entire families that play the game around their kitchen table, including their 5 year old.  More and more people these days have expressed interest in wanting to play, but are unsure of where to start.  Well fear not, I’m here to help. For those of you not aware of my D&D street cred let me lay it down for you: I’ve been playing RPGs for over 20 years, the majority of it being the various editions of Dugeons & Dragons.  Until I started at Crit TV I was the RPG expert at the largest gaming store on the west coast, and I also DM (run D&D games) professionally. So when I …

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  • Villages of Valeria: Tabletop Game Review | Analog – CRIT

    Villages of Valeria is the latest and greatest in the Valeria board game series from Daily Magic Games.  It’s a short and easy to learn city building and deck building card game that plays 1-5 players.  The overall idea is to build the highest scoring town by building buildings and recruiting adventurers to gain bonuses.   Buildings can also be turned into resource generators in order to build even more profitable buildings.  Adventurers require specific symbols on buildings in order to be recruited, but once they’re yours they provide either a great resource power or a bunch of points at the end of the game.  While that’s the basics of the game, its structure lends itself to a lot of nuance.   This game has some surprisingly good strategy for such a small package. What makes this game really appealing is its unique turn order and number of players.  Whenever the Active Player takes one of five actions, other players may also follow suit and perform the same action for a higher price.  Players can also use opponents resources generators to build their own stuff.  This combined with the rule of “you can’t have multiples of the same building in your …

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