The Biggest Game Letdowns Ever | WASD

Let us know what your biggest gaming letdowns were.

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Notable Replies

  1. All three of those games you listed are amazing games to me haha.

    Borderlands is freaking awesome fun and great with friends.

    I agree not much replay with bioshock but a fun story

    Cities skylines has to be the best city building game I have ever played. So much fun.

    Biggest let down for me? Probably halo 4

  2. I ended up liking Borderlands 2 a lot when I played it the second time around. Liked it enough to dump in 250 hours of my life.

    Skylines I loved for like 60 hours, but then I got into a groove where it pretty much had no challenge for me. I figured out how to get the cities just right so there were almost no problems with them ever (aside from the clunky AI). I don't like it when I feel like I need DLC or mods to make a game fun :frowning:

    Back on topic, I remembered a game I was actually completely disappointed in from start to finish.

    Red Faction Armageddon was utterly disappointing. RF1 was a pretty good old(er) FPS with a unique story, RF2 was a little more meh of an FPS, and Guerrilla was a really good open world blow-everything-up game. Armageddon was precisely none of those. Linear levels, mundane action, and a boring plot. Mr. Toots was amusing, but a unicorn that farts nano particle laser beams can only carry a game so far.

  3. This game, OK. I'm not 100% sure if the game let me down or I let myself down with running around with a vampire and killing all the dragons in one swoop. Or that you can go into a dungeon and fight until low health sleep fight until low health sleep. But yep this game.

  4. whoooaoaooaoaoaoa whooaoaoaoo shut your damn mouth there son!

    I guess you are allowed your own opinion. Even if its wrong.

  5. The interface, the interface.... And the ui. Also, I don't like how creatures level with you. I prefer a more hardcore experience. Also, I liked some of the realism mods... Next, the lighting was really bad. Fireplaces were wonky, etc. It needed a lighting mod or 20. The textures were for console, etc. The game did not feel like a true PC game out of the box.

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