Weekly Deals: Cheapest Kaby Lake CPUs & GTX 1080, 1070 GPUs

The news is ablaze with prices on AMDs Ryzen processors, but did you ponder what that means for Intel? Price war anyone? Some of the best deals on Kaby Lake have actually been spotted this week using the Walmart acquired‘s $30 off coupon. The cheapest i7 and i5 7th gen “Kaby Lake” CPUs are hitting new lows galore and almost as cheap as Skylake processors. We suspect more prices will be in the mix for the $1k+ Core i7-6900K and similar 8 core lineup in the near future now that AMD is bringing high computing within a consumer’s reach. Yay competition?

The same Jet discounts also apply to the in-demand 1080 and 1070 nVidia Geforce cards. The coupon is making prices about as cheap as they were during the holiday discount season. Below you’ll find our CPU and GPU deals roundup.

CPU and GPU Deals

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There are, of course, plenty of other deals to mention especially in the PC gaming department. On sale right now is this weeks released Halo Wars 2, Beserk and the Band of Hawk, and the Viking startegy title out today Northguard – all at GMG. Also notable are the Steam Controller and Link matching their Black Friday lows at GameStop.

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Game and tech deals. Plus pizza. Mmmm... pizza.

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