Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 Limited Time Coupon Knocks Up to $50 Off

What is it that triggers the decision to finally start creating a new PC build? In our experience, it’s either a new GPU or new CPU deal, and this week is chock full of processor deals.

If you act fast, you can take advantage of a rare 20% off eBay coupon making new lows on the high end Ryzen 7 1800X and 1700X eight processors. While Ryzen is probably the most relevant, the Intel i5-7400 has gone dirt cheap on eBay Deals after the coupon drops it to $152 – $38 cheaper than anyone else online.

If you wanted a deal on last week’s released Ryzen 5 desktop processors or even the Ryzen 7 base model, head over to Jet, where your first three orders qualify for a 15% off coupon code (max savings $30). The code works on virtually anything they sell, including the newly released Ryzen 5 which lacks discounts elsewhere online. Just today, Jet put the high end 1600X and 1500X on their site, now with their first discount.

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