Last Chance on Kaby Lake Deals: i7-7700K Under $300

This week, the best hot deals are on a fast-ticking timer to expiration. Those looking for a high end Ryzen 7 or Intel 7th generation desktop processor can find excellent deals thanks to a rare 20% off eBay coupon. The coupon code only works at select eBay retailers and only on select products. The best deals it makes include the Ryzen 7 1800x and 1700X, both hitting new lows, as well as the i7-7700K dropping below $300 for the first time. The catch is these deals are only around until May 18 at 11:59PM Pacific.

If you were waiting for a 50% price drop before picking up either Mass Effect Andromeda or Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III, you have a few hours left to do so at their best prices ever. GMG has a new flash sale coupon code cutting the prices to $29.99 each. That makes a new low by $5 for each 2017 released AAA title. Like the eBay coupon, this one is short lived as well, ending May 19 at 8AM Eastern.

In other deal news, GamersGate is running a 2K Games Sale. Get big discounts on popular titles like Civilization VI falling to $35, Mafia III for $17.60, XCOM 2 dropping to $21, and many more. This sale will last a little longer, through Sunday, May 21.

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