Dark Souls Franchise Sale, Ryzen 7 1700 for $299

On Monday this week, the newest Dark Souls III DLC “The Ringed City” released, putting both the new DLC and the Season Pass that contains it in the top 10 sellers list on Steam. Of course, this also means the competition wants in on the sales action and is willing to drop prices. Accordingly, there are Dark Souls Franchise sales active at various retailers with new best prices.

The best prices for The Ringed City and the Season Pass are at GamersGate, where you’ll find the Season Pass 20% off with a drop to $19.99 and The Ringed City falling from $15 to $12.74. This actually matches the lowest price to date for the Season Pass. The Dark Souls III base game and Dark Souls II are cheapest at DLGamer, where DS3 is only $24 (a new low) and DS2 Scholar is under $10.

In hardware deals, it’s a cheap week for CPUs, including the newest Ryzen 7. Jet is the retailer of choice, where a $30 off coupon code is making the best deals of the year and dropping the in-demand Ryzen 7 1700 from $330 to $299.99. Intel CPUs are also on sale at Jet after instant savings + coupon discount, with last year’s i5-6700K falling to just $189.99.

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