HyperX 32GB RAM falls to $130 and a $260 AMD 390X in Deals

With basic laptops these days jumping from 4GB to 8GB does it make sense advanced gaming rigs should move from 16GB to 32GB? One thing for sure is that the move to 32GB RAM is getting cheaper. Today the authorized Kingston distributor Memosun started selling HyperX Fury 32GB for $129.99 on their eBay page. That beats out Amazon’s $153 price tag with an impressive 4.9/5 star customer reveiw rating for the same bundle.

If you’ve been pricing out your upgrade or new build and can’t make the GTX 1070 or 1080 work, the AMD 390X is going much cheaper at NewEgg. Today after a coupon + rebate discount combo the XFX Radeon R9 390X 8GB GPU is down to $259.99. Historic low price point and impressive since many 390X cards still sell in the $400 range.

On the PC gaming front there’s a good assortment of deals to pick through below. One that really stands out is a $0.20 Mystery Game at GMG. Just login or create an account here to see the price. While most titles are cheap Indie games, there are some AAA’s known to exist in the mystery box including Call of Duty: Black Ops. Other than that check out GamersGate’s Stardock sale with new lows on Ashes of the Singularity and Dead Man’s Draw along with Summer Sale pricing on popular titles like Galactic Civilizations III.



GamersGate Stardock Sale









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