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Deals: Black Friday PC Game Sales, Plethora of Monitors and GPU Discounts.

Black Friday sale is kicking off at various retailers and we’re only on Tuesday… but that’s the name of the game these days. While traditional retailers are trying hard to buck the Thanksgiving opening trend, online retailers just start things up earlier and earlier. Yay?

As of Tuesday, Green Man Gaming has kick started their PC Games Black Friday Sale – with some impressive prices on titles you’ve been eyeing. Our top pick includes Civilization VI for only $44. At other retailers, you can find goodies such as The Division at Amazon for only $10. GMG even tossed up a new coupon (rare these days) for the Black Friday week, giving you an extra 10% off.

Not to be out done, Bundle Stars also has a kick ass deal on Baldur’s Gate Complete Saga and Batman: Arkham Knight Bundle at $14.41 and $14.99, respectively. They too have a Black Friday themed code, kicking 11% off almost everything site-wide.

Scan the list below for some of the hot early Black Friday monitor and GPU deals, including a Samsung 27-inch FreeSync curved gaming monitor for only $219 at BuyDig, plus an excellent price on a Zotac GTX 1070 8GB for only $344.99. We’ll add more goodies to the list before we get near Black Friday – and you will probably see an updated/new post by then on all the latest/noteworthy pickings.

GMG Sale


Bundle Star Sale


Other Retailers

GPU Deals

Monitor Deals


Game and tech deals. Plus pizza. Mmmm... pizza.

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