Deals: Mass Effect Andromeda 24% price drop & Ryzen 1700X coupon

For the PC gamer, this week’s biggest release is BioWare’s new Mass Effect Andromeda, and believe it or not, there are discounts at launch. GMG has created a coupon deal in North America and Canada, slashing the price from $60 down to $45.59 – an impressive 24% off. Keys are shipped immediately after purchase.

Another release this week is the demon hunting JRPG Toukiden 2, also with an impressive 23% release week discount at GMG. In this case, the price drops to $45.99, or $14 off the $60 MSRP. Steam is running a 10% off discount to $53.99 – not bad, but still outdone by a wide margin by the Green Man.

Hardware deals this week aren’t looking as stacked as previous weeks, but there are a few gems if you know where to look. NewEgg has a Wednesday only Shell Shocker discount on the slick-looking Asus Radeon RX 480 for $150 – a new low by $35 for this particular card and one of the cheapest RX 480’s to date. The mid-tier Ryzen 7, the 1700X has a coupon discount at Jet cutting the price from $400 to $370.

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