Cheapest Wolfenstein II after E3 Upcoming Games Coupon & the last cheap GTX 1080s

Wolfentstein II, Star Wars Battlefront II, The Evil Within 2, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2, and 14 other reboot (and non-reboot) titles coming out this fall are getting discounts up to 26% off at GMG. The discount comes via a new 18% off coupon which stacks with what GMG is calling “VIP” instant savings. Just login or create an account to get the VIP price and stack the 18% coupon for a combined 26% mark down. We think this is about as good as pre-order discounts are going to get this year.

It was only last week we reported the last GTX 1060 for $229, and other reasonably price GPUs at ‘normal’ price levels. It’s safe to say crytpo mining continues to drive prices up and probably will continue to do so until the new mining-specific GPUs come online later this year. Prices are even worse than last week with the exception of one GTX 1070 at Dell. The PNY 1070 has dropped to $405, and while in April this year we often saw GTX 1070’s under $350, they normally now sell for $500+ (many sell for over $600).

In fact those inflated GPU prices have moved to the more expensive GTX 1080. While the crypto miners in the past were satisfied buying up the more optimal 1070’s, 1060’s, and RX 580’s the 1080 is now the target. Its ~$500-$600 price will not last much longer as very few remain at normal levels and most 1080s have climbed to the $600 – $800 mark. We did find a few exceptions however, including a Gigabyte 1080 on NewEgg’s eBay page for only $510, free ship. This could be the last week of reasonably price GTX 1080s, and we’ve listed the best deals below.

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