The cheapest ESO Morrowind, Fallout 4, & Witcher 3 of 2017

On Monday, May 22 The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind expansion released in early access mode for PC gamers. Up until its June 6 release, the newest expansion pack to ESO has discounts available at several PC gaming retailers, but the top deals are worth 18% off at GMG and GamersGate. GMG has the cheapest Standard Edition upgrade at $32.79, while GamersGate has the best price for the Collector’s Edition with a drop from $60 to $49.19.

Through the weekend, GMG has the best prices on Fallout 4 since the 2016 PC gaming Winter sales. The base game has fallen to $16.99 – a price not seen since December 2016. The Season Pass is also hitting its lowest price to date of $25.57, even beating prices pre March 2016 when Bethesda raised the MSRP on the Season Pass from $30 to $50.

While there are a ton of deals listed below this week, GOG’s RPG sale stands out as a great time to buy the Witcher series. The Witcher 3 Game of the Year Edition is tying its historic low price at $24.99. Also hitting their best prices ever are The Witcher 2 with a drop to $2.99 and The Witcher Enhanced Edition for $1.49.

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