WE’RE ALL IN A SIMULATION | The Crit Show | Ep 0002

Welcome to another episode of The Crit Show! TIMESTAMPS ARE READY, LETS GO:

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Notable Replies

  1. The Spanish government's 'action' on memes comes as no surprise given that they have a history of suppression dating back centuries.

    On a happier note, it's great to hear Pistol's voice-over review of the Agony game.

    (I can see the 'SJW-types' in Australia trying to ban the sale of this game or access to it)

  2. +1 for Tinfoil Tuesdays! lol

  3. Ok if you're keeping the "Burning Earth" logo then I want to hear in every single The Crit Show episode something bad that's going on in regards to tech. Seriously I think many of us are used to hearing about what Comcast is doing wrong or what Apple is doing wrong so it isn't that hard to find something. Make the "Burning Earth" still relevant by talking about the bad stuff going on out there once per episode at a minimum.

    Now onto Pistol .....

    She made a return to the whole thing. That was one hell of a fucked up game she showed. It could be interesting. I think the way she presents stuff could also be more interesting. She was a little dry in telling us about it but her personality it seems has always been reserved & she speaks monotone. Maybe there is a way to play with the editing to make what she says more interesting????

    As for the Sega Genesis making a return well that is cool & all but I'd prefer that Sega would come out with a 2016 tech console. More competition the better I say.

    In regards to memes I think they're much better than selfies. That crap needs to stop. Also this latest fad of everyone in a video being frozen in place is stupid. Who started it? Eh I think the only way I want to see some of this stuff is if it raises money for charities. That is something I definitely I can accept.

    In regards to the tech to make the paralyzed walk again it is some interesting stuff but how many monkeys were killed in getting to where they are now with things? I say we should try harder at getting things done without using animals in testing.

    As for other stuff mentioned in the show I don't know. Too tired to comment anymore.


  4. I actually really liked this episode. It made me laugh just like the good ol' times.

  5. I loved the tinfoil goofiness and overall pretty interesting topics in the episode. A bit more on tech side would be nice but i don't expect in every episode.

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