Attack of the Self Healing Robot Army | The Crit Show 0034

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Notable Replies

  1. I passed out while watching the show. So tired from a long evening which is better than hearing I passed out from boredom with the show. : P I will watch it again in the near future.

  2. GabD says:

    It’s called “Popper’s paradox of tolerance” : epistemologist and philosopher of Science Karl Popper demonstrated in “The Open society and its enemies” that tolerating scientifically-erroneous viewpoints that preach intolerance can (and often does) lead to this ignorance and intolerance gaining a larger foothold and eventually taking over the power structures of society.

    The only logically-valid solution is to establish criterias for what should and should not be tolerated (such as the criterias of empirical, logical and ethical scrutiny employed among the academic and scientific community).

    I.E. to not tolerate intolerance; for failure of doing this will logically bring the end of tolerance altogether.

    Karl Popper, paradox of tolerance

    Also, people calling Antifa an “organisation” is just as funny as when journalists made segments about “the leader of Anonymous” or “the hacker named 4chan”.

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