We Are All in an Abusive Relationship With YouTube | Vlog

Several years ago I was sitting with several YouTubers/content creators. I remember one telling me that I was crazy for wasting time creating a website when I should just be focusing on YouTube, instagram, Twitter, etc. I replied with, “It’s all good now, but you realize we are all building our house on someone else’s property.”

The real issue is that YouTube is where the audience is. There are several options and Twitch is the only other one that has a large enough user base to make sense, but I’m not sure if that is our audience or not. Otherwise there is and Dlive. They both work (usually), but the learning curve might be rough for the casual crowd.

The other idea is, “Just make content and use Patreon as your income.” Well, we wouldn’t make ends meet this way. For reference, when it was at it’s best it was covering about 1.2 salaries. That left office rent, money for Pistol and I to live on, money for bills and projects, taxes, etc. It’s crazy expensive to run the business. Even if people hadn’t moved away from our Patreon, we would still have the issue of discovery, and YouTube is making it impossible for people to find our videos. So, it’s a rough argument.

Luckily we have a store with awesome stuff. That has slowed down in proportion to the drop in views, but it still has saved us a few times.

I agree that we should try harder on YouTube; make more and better videos, but YouTube has discouraged us so much that we are doing as much work as we can outside of our standard content creation.

I’ll save the rest for the video. Also, the forum is FIXED. If you were unable to join before you can join now and you will get an activation email. I think getting people to hang out here should be a major goal. Community is everything.


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