Epic Office Tour | Nov 2016

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It’s time for an Office Tour  brought to you by HP! Now you can see where all the magic happens, all kinds of crazy things, and maybe even a shot of the fabled Hutch!

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Notable Replies

  1. Bots and trolls abused it.

  2. Do you guys have a place you recommend for buying movie posters from?

  3. IMO, dragged out a bit too long. Got halfway through and got bored. Seeing the crew (including shy Hutch) and the place was cool, arcade was kinda cool but... No offense, I don't care enough about your Legos. 13 minutes was a bit too long for an intro to an office unless it packed with super cool shit.

    Also, we know how printers works dude, gotta do something more interesting for sponsored content, something more... Logan-like. Hit it with a car and show it still works, that'd impress me. Show how quickly you can print and cover a wall with images of your own face (fast-forward of course because I don't have a good enough attention span), that'd be bizarre enough to watch.

  4. Well it's their company, their content. They will make the videos they want. I doubt they will change it just cause you don't like legos or longer vids. It was a fun laid back vid. I don't think it needs to be criticized that much. But you know......IMO.....

    Keep up the stuff guys. I liked the office tour, looks nice so far. The D20 carpet was pretty awesome!

    Also as far as the printer goes, I would much rather see what they do then all the other tech youtubers that cut to commercial to do their adds.

  5. I'm sure everyone appreciates your feedback. I just think you might be looking into it a little too much. The community has been asking for an office tour for a long time now so that's what everyone got. Really wasn't anything more than that. I do agree with you on some of your points though. Maybe those areas you mentioned were dragged out a bit long. I think they were just excited and wanted to show as much of the place as they could.

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