Three Reasons to Buy a CRT TV or Monitor | The Basic Reasons to Get One (or not)

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I’ve been doing most of my gaming on a CRT TV or a CRT monitor for the past couple of years…. and there are several reasons why. We’ll discuss the reasons. There are 3 questions you need to ask yourself to determine if you should get a CRT:

1. How much do you care about fluidity of motion?
2. Do you care about the picture quality?
3. Is nostalgia important to you for old gaming?

There are several other questions we could ask, but I think those are the primary things we should go over when talking about CRT monitors.

I used a 27″ Sony Trinitron CRT TV, a Magnavox 23″ CRT TV, a 27″JVC I’Art CRT TV, and a Gateway VX1120 CRT monitor. The TVs were all hooked up with component (RGB) connectors and the monitor was hooked up using a Delock display port to VGA adapter.

Here are the links:
Delock 87685 Displayport to VGA:
Icy Box IB-AC1031 3-in-1 displayport to VGA, HDMI, etc. (I have never tested this):

00:00 Intro
00:42 Ad
02:00 The Difference Between CRT Monitors and TV
03:30 Discussing Linus’s Video on the Sony GDMFW9000
04:26 Delock 87685 Display Port to VGA adapter
05:38 What is different about a CRT Monitor?
07:20 Does Motion Fluidity Matter?
08:06 Slow Motion CRT Operation
11:22 Why Games Look Better On CRT
14:07 Why Low Res and TV Blur is Good
18:35 CRT Filters in RetroArch on a Flat Monitor
19:10 What TV and Console to Get
20:02 Nostalgia is Valid
22:57 What’s on SALE on


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