Crit Show | Episode 0001

Welcome to the first episode of The Crit Show! If everything goes according to plan, we’ll be releasing one of these bad boys weekly every Saturday. This week we go through some hardware and game news, check out the Oregon Trail card game with Justin – and Logan answers some Inbox questions! Make sure to send in next week’s questions at [email protected] !

Oregon Trail Board Game:

0:00 – Welcome to the first episode of The Crit Show!
0:20 – Squarespace ad
0:50 – EVGA cards on FIRE?!
3:30 – Zen benchmarks leaked?
5:22 – Qualcomm swallows another company
5:40 – Amazon wants cops to have personal drones
8:35 – Justin and Logan take over
8:51 – Bought CoD on another platform and want to play with your friends? HA!
10:38 – Steam Store requiring only screenshots in previews
12:05 – New Tomb Raider in the works
14:11 – Analog Time with Justin
18:29 – ad
18:52 – Logan’s Inbox [email protected]
19:50 – Question from Alex: R9 290 or RX 470?
20:51 – Question from Emmett: New music?
21:32 – Steve Madden is sorry. (It’s really okay, bud. -Hutch)
22:00 – Question from Avery: WTF IS CRIT.TV?!
23:00 – Question from Pestilence: New Zealand?
23:55 – Question from Justin M: Still going to do hardware?
(What the hell does Logan mean by “Culture”? )
25:35 – Community member taking feedback.

Tell Everyone:

Notable Replies

    -Logan 2016

    Shots fired.

  2. All news about the channel has made me excited to see what's next. Will you be including sexual board games as well?

  3. I thought he was gonna dab for a second...

    edit: @hutchison15 how much do i have to give on pateron to have a video of Logan dabbing to a song from one of his albums?

  4. Hey all, great show, I think Justin did a good job!

    I'm so happy to see all the issues resolved, and everyone moving forward down their new paths! I've been a regular viewer and forum members for three years, so all the turmoil of the past couple months has been really sad to me.

    I'm glad that @Pistol is doing a show! And I think the board game show is a good idea, that Oregon Trails game looks pretty cool.

    As a hacker, I would like to see hacker culture represented, but I do understand that everyone there is a huge gamer and if hacking just isn't a think that no one there is really into, that's totally fine, and you shouldn't force something that just doesn't come naturally to you all.

    In short, I'm looking forward to watching both Level1Techs, AND Crit TV for years to come, and being a part of BOTH communities!


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