4k Acer Predator XB321HK Gaming Monitor – Is It Worth It?

Acer Predator XB321HK

Build Quality 4.5
Panel Quality 4.5
Features 3.4
Value 2.7
Edgy Gamer Colors 5
Verdict (not an average) 4.2

Here we have a 4k monitor with NVIDIA G-Sync.  Looks impressive, but is it worth it? Check out Logan’s video to find out!

Check current prices here:
Amazon: amzn.to/2fE7xWd

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Yes, we know someone is playing Fallout 4 using a controller, sometimes we have to suffer for our art.
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Notable Replies

  1. I think for its price, It should be atleast 90hz if it was possible yet.

  2. It is still too expensive, too early for that technology to hit the mainstream market.
    The missing HDMI2.0 is bad, really bad at this price point. And no, ditching it is not an option, remember that some people have consoles and consoles only use HDMI so far. It is a must have input.

    About audio - people use it in 2 ways. Passtrough to route the headphones to the monitor due to a short cable. And HDMI to 3,5mm audio jack, bypassing the internal speakers. Can be helpful if the internal audio chip on the board is making problems, but will generally sound bad, only cheapest parts are used for that functionality.

    If somebody is willing to fork over that much money (and not going with a korean monitor instead), they expect a perfect product. It is not perfect by any means. And not many functions for enthusiasts either.

    For me: too expensive. I would get a 32" 4K korean monitor instead and pump the extra money somewhere else, like a better GPU or a silent cooling. In 2-3 years monitors like that should cost not more than a midrange GPU and that GPU should be able to push acceptable framerates on 4K.

  3. Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought 4k is best on larger screens, with 50" being the smallest to discern detail.

  4. Yes, 32" is still a bit too small, 40" is just right if you're going to have it in front of your face.

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