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Special Announcements, Elite Mazda Hacking & Future Tube Hotels | CRIT Show 0028

On this week’s CRIT Show: Google Glass is back, and still a joke to everyone.  Captain Musk will be your interstellar cruise director.  Stephen Hawking continues to prove he’s smarter than everyone.  The future is in tubes, and look out someone’s hacking your Mazda!

Atari is making a new game console – Polygon
‘Star Wars’ Han Solo Movie: Ron Howard Steps in to Direct | Hollywood Reporter
Google Glass is apparently back from the dead, starts getting software updates | Ars Technica


Former Power Ranger now enjoying the civilian life. Justin is the Production Manager, writer, and anything else CRIT needs him to be. He's also a professional Dungeon Master. Justin proudly boasts that he can beat anyone at Futurama trivia, and dreams of being a Pokemon master.

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