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The Tek 0217: This is a Gray Area

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The Tek 0213: 2015 Was Crazy

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The Tek 0212: War on Christmas

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The Tek 0211: Ignore the Man in the Corner

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The Tek 0206: The Qain Train is Coming

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The Tek 0205: Comcast Hates You And Thinks You are Ugly

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The Tek 0200: Why 6-Hour Work Days Are Better

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The Tek 0199: Jeb Bush is a Dumbass

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The Tek 0198: Why is Linux is Not as Big as it Should Be

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The Tek 0197: Can Google Be Trusted More Than Microsoft?

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The Tek 0196: Will Human Intelligence Keep Up With AI?

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The Tek 0193: G-Sync is Dead

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The Tek 0192: From a Secret Location in Downtown Switzerland

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The Tek 0191 | Windows 10: Your Own Creepy Stalker

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The Tek 0189: Should We Genetically Modify Babies for a Higher IQ?

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The Tek 0188: Valve Should Buy AMD

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The Tek 0187: Rainbows Everywhere

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The Tek 0186: Arbitrary Apple Asshattery

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The Tek 0185: Face Scanners Everywhere & E3 Nonsense

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The Tek 0184: When Robots Learn To Think

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The Tek: Computex, Taipei

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The Tek 0181: Very Super Special Episode For You

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The Tek 0181 TOC:0:00 - INTRO0:14 - START, SPONSOR SLOT (Oomi)2:01 - (01) The AI revolution: The road to superintelligence5:21 - (02) Robot Revolution Initiative launched by Japan heralds a new machine age,(03) Japan launches organization to promote...

The Tek 0179: Beginning of the End?

Video Logan 9 months 1 week ago
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The Tek 0178: Future Internet Models | Paid Steam Workshop Mods

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The Tek 0177: Nobody Needs Unlimited Data, Do They?

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The Tek 0176: What's in that Coffee?

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The Tek 0175: Data Bandwidth Caps Must Die

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The Tek Live From Seattle... Finally

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The Tek 0172: Remembering Leonard Nimoy

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The Tek PDX: With Jay, Barnacules, Wendell, & Ed

Video Logan 11 months 3 weeks ago
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The Tek 0170: You Don't Own Your TV, It Owns You

Video Logan 12 months 2 days ago
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The Tek 0169: Sensational News, Title II, & You Can Too

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The Tek 0168: Chaos Ensues

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The Tek 0167: Windows 10 - What We Think

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The Tek 0162: Hollywood VS The Internet

Video Logan 1 year 1 month ago
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The Tek 0161: Intel, IBM, Cisco, Etc. Against Net Neutrality

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The Tek 0160: The Bad Audio Episode That Was Almost Good

Video Logan 1 year 2 months ago
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