MASSIVE Forum Upgrade – New Q&A Posts, Email Fixed, & Join With Steam, ETC.

It has been a long time. The forum hasn’t been functioning properly; activation emails wouldn’t go out, YouTube embeds were broken, it was slower than it should have been, and there were some errors under the hood. Well, I (Logan) finally decided to do things myself. At first I did the website and had someone local help me with the forum. Things happened and the local help got busy so I left it alone. Well, after a while I decided it was time to just do it myself. So, there are tons of upgrades. Here are the major ones:

  • Log in with Steam, Github, Google, or Twitter
  • Emails Work
  • Embedded Videos Work
  • New Tag System
  • New Q&A Topic – Select the best answer and it will rise to the top

Thanks all for being patient. We have, once again, the best place to communicate on the web. Stop by and introduce yourselves.

We are also looking for writers for the site. Email Justin: [email protected]


I like heavy metal and video games. Hardware is ok too, I guess. Twitter:

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