KEEP MAKING INDIE GAMES – Inspiration for Artists & Indie Devs- Don’t Listen to Jeff Vogel | RANT:30

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Well, here’s another rant… This video started as a response to the blog post by Jeff Vogel entitled There are too Many Video Games:…. In this article, Jeff conflates the decline of society with the irresponsibility of the youth who decide to spend their time on indie game development. I argue the opposite. I think it’s amazing that so many people are working on games and I think more should. Watch the video to fully hear my arguments.

According to this chart, weak means artists… weak, leftist artists. This leads to hard times… but then the hero strong traditional men show up to whip us into shape. If you are unfamiliar with this chart, it’s the silly online political compass test. The top right area is authoritarian right… which means fascism. Nazis are in this area. I don’t want to tell everyone that Jeff believes this, but his argument is nearly identical to those who use this chart. A society that is free to create culture is not weak, it is the strongest society. Things are tough. Our own government may be against us (they merely serve the rich and the corporations)… But, despite it all, we are still creating. Keep creating.

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