Is Game Pass Evil?

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As a society, we seem to be doing things for the sake of convenience, regardless of the impact. We don’t fight back much when #spotify moves us from picking our own music to just listening to playlists. We don’t fight back when Amazon, Disney, and Netflix convert us from buyers of media to renters of media… why? Because it’s just easy to press play and sit back. There’s a huge trade-off for this.

Will the negative aspects of moving to a post-ownership society effect gaming in the same way? Let’s talk about this in regard to how #gamepass currently works… and let’s look toward the future.

Also, Game Pass has the potential to drastically change the way indie games are made. Some devs love this, while others have spoken out in opposition… but I haven’t seen any looking into the future to discuss the implications of a society that does most of its gaming on services like Game Pass.

Let’s talk about it… I will probably make a second video simply discussing how this will impact indie gaming, but we will see how the comments go.

#indiegames #xbox


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