Google: A History of Evil | Why They Are Not an Innovative Company

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Google has become a monster that nobody can control. They started off with a “don’t be evil,” policy… but looking back, there were signs of greed from the start.

Google does what all big corporations do: rather than innovate, they simply buy every competing or innovative company.

I cover all of their failed projects, all the companies they purchased, and many of the billions in fines they have accrued by illegally harvesting our data.

00:00 Intro
00:52 Whokeys Ad
01:53 A Brief History of Google
06:10 Stuff Google Created Then Canceled
08:00 Google Does Not Care T-Shirt Promo
08:50 Companies Google Bought
12:18 Google’s Goals
13:20 Google’s Fines for Illegally Collecting Data
15:15 Why they do this
16:31 Things Google Actually Made
17:40 Outro


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