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F*(k The Cheat Makers, Phony VPNs, & Scammers | The Crit Show 0018

Scammers are everywhere. Cheaters are everywhere. We cover some of that, plus a lot more.

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Full message to the disgruntled/haters/etc.

We have heard your opinions. We hear them on every video. We understand that you feel the fun has made us less informative. We understand that it makes you cringe when we are silly. We re-branded and I believe many like the more light, less doomsday news tone of the channel.  I never want to be everything to everyone. I want to make videos, make our video game, have some fun online, while still shining a light on the absurdities out there… I will keep calling people and big companies, but I am not going to be as serious as I used to be. I think we have enough elitists and curmudgeons online, so I’ll just do my thing. If you do not like the content you are free to leave or just watch the hardware content. Constantly venting in the comments makes it hard for new members. Nobody is forcing you to watch the shenanigans. TL/DR We have heard your opinions and have decided to keep exploring fun content. Feel free to move on. – Logan


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