Snowmageddon | The Crit Show 0006

A little snow isn’t going to stop us! Thanks for tuning into The Crit Show!


00:31 – It’s the Apocalypse
01:12 – Intro
01:35 –
02:09 – YouTube VS the content creators – Tinfoil
06:25 – Windows on Arm with x86 emulation – no x64
07:35 – MS focuses on AR in 2017
09:00 – AMD to make GPUs for Intel?
10:35 – Qualcomm’s 10nm 48 code server CPU
11:10 – New elements on the periodic table
11:47 – Weird Chinese food
11:49 – Will robots/AI Kill Us?
14:26 – The PC gaming market is growing
15:06 – Mobile games = marketing tools
17:50 – Nintendo offering bounties for 3DS exploits
20:26 – Retro engine sigma – Linux ARM retro PC
20:05 – Inbox


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  1. Claw says:

    @Logan, when will you release a standalone Inbox episode? You said on twitter that you filmed an episode already, if I'm not mistaken. It's really fun and informative when you do this thing.

  2. I think Justin should do a weather report every episode.

  3. I'd love to see one every episode. The on-site weather report. lol

  4. The first snow of the year is always a shitshow for whatever reason. I swear people forget that they're in the North where, guess what, IT SNOWS EVERY WINTER.


    Anyways, AMD making GPUs for Intel would be interesting. I bet if they leveraged it just right AMD could take the lead firm status for mobile dGPUs. Intel would have to push for the AMD licensed stuff to go with Intel's mobile CPUs though to shift away from the juggernaut that is Nvidia in the dGPU market.

    Also, that food segment was kinda weird.

  5. Thank you - this is perfect.

    I've been a quiet Nintendo fan but honestly just for their IPs. Their consoles, err -- "innovations" drive me away. Stop with the gimmicks, give me good games. I want Metroid, LoZ, Animal Crossing - please stop rehashing Mario games that are only playable on stupid fucking controls. /rant

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