All Your Devices Will Monitor You | The Crit Show 0011

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Notable Replies

  1. I'm not a gamer but the developmental-stage of your Zweihander game looks great, I'm loving the graphics.

  2. Very cool and nice. Zweihander looks like a tickle of a time. I ate a burrito while watching this and it paired well.

  3. Any release date for the new music album?

  4. I pretty much put everything on hold due to the stress from the drama. It's time to get back in shape and back to work. I have several (mostly). I'll post some updates sometime soon.

  5. GabD says:

    Well, at 1:22, the shield animations seem much better than the average for fantasy games.

    Whoever did the movement animations deserves a cookie, they're very fluid for pre-alpha work.

    Most AAA games do this very wrong:

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