What’s The Most Important Controller Ever Made?

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First, here’s the king of controller designs:

I really love controllers. I used to pretend to only use mouse and keyboard, but the truth is: I use all these controllers on my PC. I’m constantly thinking about the ways we interface with our games…

In the last video, I discussed what I think is the king of controller designs: The PlayStation Dual Shock and the Xbox-style controllers. These are basically the layout used by all modern games on all modern systems… they are a distillation, if you will. But, how did we get to this design?

In this video, I discuss the elements that got us here and the innovations that gave us what we have now. I’ll check out the NES, SNES, DualShock 1, Xbox, and several other controllers and narrow it all down to what I’m calling, “The most important controller ever made.”



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