EA Will Reach 1 Million Reddit Downvotes for Defending Microtransactions

I present, the most downvoted comment in Reddit history:

This was posted in response to outrage regarding how much unlocking new characters would cost (It’s about twice what you’d expect to pay for a very polished, new indie game). To be fair, you can earn enough points to unlock new characters… after about 40+ hours of gameplay.

The bottom line here is that EA makes way more money with the new business model of micro-transactions than they ever did when standard game sales. It is the future of AAA gaming. The gaming industry is larger than the film industry now. Even 15 years ago, things were very different, but things have changed. This is corporate gaming. Here’s another interesting fact:

TIL if you had bought EA stock after they were voted "The Worst Company in America" your investment would be up by more than 378% today from investing

So, they are the worst company in the USA, yet somehow we keep buying their shit. They can’t abuse us if we don’t let them. It’s time to walk away from this. It’s time to explore some niche games, indie games, and older games we may have missed (play one of the hundreds of games you spent money on and never touched).  I’ll just let Dave finish this post… because I need a sandwich.

Edit: EA has had time to think about things. They decided this was the best way to handle it:

EA has removed the refund button from their customer portal. Hoping people will just give up canceling because of the 60+ minute wait time to live shat support. from pcmasterrace


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