How to Make Windows 11 Into a Desktop OS – 2024 Edition

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Windows 11 does not feel like a desktop operating system. It’s not as bad as Windows 8, but the identity crisis has returned. Back then, Microsoft saw all the iOS devices like the iPad and thought, “this is the future of ALL computing… better ruin Windows with a full-page start screen.” Well, we all know how that went.

With Windows 11, it’s less severe, but they are backsliding toward that nonsense. This feels like They tried to adapt Windows 10 for smart phones. The edges are curved and bubbly, things are way too spaced out, and when you click on the wifi or volume a whole cluster of nonsense pops up. No, no no. This isn’t made for a desktop. Let’s un-f#ck it.

Links and Info:

First, upgrade Windows 11 Home to Pro using the Powershell (as administrator):
These are two separate commands:
slui.exe /upk
changepk.exe /ProductKey VK65K-S325DL-235DHT-235DHU-RYFD5T
(Replace that random product key with your own Pro product key)

Get Explorer Patcher:
Open Shell:


Setup Windows 11 with an Offline: 00:00
Uninstalling Random Junk: 00:30
Getting a Windows Key: 01:12
Upgrade Home to Pro: 03:15
Turn off the Xbox Game Bar, notifications, etc.: 05:24
Improve the Taskbar: 05:53
Replace the Start Menu with Open Shell: 06:56
Why We All Need Explorer Patcher: 08:59
Install and Configure Explorer Patcher: 10:16
Customize Explorer: 16:15
Install Basic Programs With Ninite: 17:30


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