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Avoid DMCA Notices: How to Play Music on Stream, NOT on VOD

Get a VPN you wildebeests:
Twitch has been a crazy place recently thanks to the RIAA and their attack on culture. Creators have been getting DMCA notices like crazy. This mostly happens because the RIAA uses software to scan through the VODs and flag them for copyrighted music. Twitch doesn’t defend you at all, they just release the video. At this point the RIAA isn’t scanning live streams (though we have heard of a couple rogue cases). If only you could remove the music just from the VOD while keeping it in for the stream. YOU CAN.
The video will show you how to make it happen. Above is the easy version for people who just want to remove the music and not fuss with anything else. Here is the advanced version for users who want to understand what is really going on… and maybe isolate and map a few more audio channels:
Important Links & Software:


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