Paid Mods, Micro-transactions, and the Future of Gaming | The Crit Show 0036

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  1. “I can’t even pretend to be that stupid”


  2. GabD says:

    It seems that the type of “paid mods” bethesda is going for should instead be called “outsourced content”. They’re not exactly “mods”.

    “Mods” are inherently unofficial modifications made by and for a third party.

    However, this developer-financed content is freelance dev work, essentially hiring contractors to create first-party addons (if Bethesda owns the content, it is first-party content). Mods are third-party content because they are neither paid for nor owned by the owners/developers of the game.

    For the same reason, there is no such thing as an “official mod”; that’s just slang for “DLC”.

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