Stop The Spin: Ryzen is Awesome | The Crit Show 0013

Many have been negative about the Ryzen launch, focusing merely on gaming performance rather than the beastly price to performance ratio when it comes to productivity. Some of these same people praised Intel’s $1000 X99 parts when they too do not compete well with the far cheaper Kaby Lake parts. The 1800X is not the gaming killer, it’s the X99 killer. Fanboys need to understand that competition is good and spin is bad.


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  1. That R.A. Salvatore book is upside down.


    Borderlands 3 hype almost offsets that.

    EDIT: I should mention that the character/location isn't "official" yet.

  2. I've read R.A. Salvatore once or twice.

    The Dragonlance books by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman are also exceptional fantasy novels.

  3. If you ever get around to it, just read the first six. Unless you absolutely love them. Cause after that they just go down hill. I mean there like over 20 now and from what I hear all the new ones are garbage. I stopped after 15 I think?

  4. HOLY BAAALLLSS! I didnt even notice the Belgariad sitting on the shelf! That series was my childhood! Oh my goodness The FEEELLSSS THE FEEEEEEEEEELS!

    Seriously though Ive read all those books at least 30 times.

  5. Yeah, TPS was definitely the worst of the games so far. I mean I liked certain aspects of the game, like Athena, the background story of Jack, and cryo weapons, but there is a lot that really is less than great. I still get annoyed even remembering Pickle's voice.

    BL2 was fun. I actually didn't like it at first, but when I retried it a few months later I played the crap out of it. Classes were fun, characters were good, level design was gorgeous, and the plot was interesting enough to keep me entertained. And like BL1, the DLC was long enough to almost be a whole extra game.

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