My Simplified Home Network: My NAS, Switches, VMs, and Software

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Here’s the gear I use:

First, the VPN I use on my PC and on the VMs (especially when I’m downloading):

Router running DDWRT:

NAS Units (you really only need one)
NAS 1: Synology 4 bay:
2.5 GB Ethernet Adapter for the Synology:
Drivers for Synology:

NAS 2: Asustor AS6604T:

Asustor 2.5 GB Switch (I have a couple of these):

TP-Link 24 port switch:
TP-Link 8 port switch:
TP-Link 5 port switch:

Tiny PC for VMs:
It’s a bit expensive, and it was sent to me for review a long while ago. I would probably just use a small dell with a 4770k for VMs if I didn’t have this.

Raspberry Pi works fine, but it’s so expensive now. You can run pihole on this instead:

As for media software, I use jellyfin and foobar. Let’s talk about it.

You can install Jellyfin right on your nas, in whatever package manager you’re using. Otherwise, you can get servers and clients here:

If you want to use jellyfin for music as well, there’s an amazing app for mobile called, finamp.

You can tell it which libraries are music/audio/audio books, etc. and it will just werk…. with most file types. I use foobar just because I have loads of video game music that uses different file formats (discussed in the video). For that, foobar and some plugins are needed.

For VGM files:


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I like heavy metal and video games. Hardware is ok too, I guess. Twitter:

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