My Foobar2000 2.0 2023 Theme | Download & Install!

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I’ve created vertical and horizontal themes for Foobar2000 2.0. So, if you want to use a vertical monitor, I’ve got you covered. You will only need a few things:

Foobar2000 2.0 (latest stable edition):

Download my themes:

– you can try them all and keep your favorite

Components to install:

Waveform Minibar:
Spider Monkey Panel (click “Releases on the right sidebar”):

Foobar Spider Monkey plug-ins (watch the video if this is confusing)
– You will need to click on the “Releases” on the right sidebar and download the latest zip. DO NOT upzip anything. You will be importing the zip files using the Spider Monkey Panel. —

Biography Panel (note, this is an updated link-ignore the video link):
Library Tree:

Fonts to install:
Wingdings 1-3 (you may already have these):

Font Awesome (click view raw or the download icon on the right):

Some 256×256 images for fun:

Optional backup plugin:

Watch the video for instructions. Cheers!


An Overview of My Foobar Theme: 02:20
What to Download (links below): 04:35
Installing Foobar: 08:11
Add a Media Library: 09:00
Installing Components: 09:20
Spider Monkey Panel Info: 10:25
Installing my theme: 11:15
Replace the ugly “all music” icon: 14:55
Check out my music: 18:29


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I like heavy metal and video games. Hardware is ok too, I guess. Twitter:

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