KARMA IS FALLING | The Crit Show | Ep 0003

00:00 Logan tests the fate of this episode.
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00:46 What is coming up in today’s 33 minutes of special torture.
01:02 Nvidia 1080 Ti having 10GB of VRAM
02:50 Qualcomm announced Snapdragon 835 & Quick Charge 4
03:45 It’s raining Karma
04:17 Smartwatches can use body heat to charge? Oh my. ?
05:00 Time for nudity 101 with your favorite professor, Justin
Man, just think if this pleb was on Steam – don’t think Volvo gives two shits about any of this. iirc they atleast have an age gate on photos you can share from your game. …Sorry, back to the show.
11:25 HTC Vive gets a wireless upgrade
13:05 Can you tell Justin is excited? D&D is in the Hall of Fame and Logan goes down memory lane
16:50 NES classic edition is going balls to the wall on hype
19:00 Elon Musk is our home boy, worried about a company that is going to make the next Bender
21:20 Microsoft joins the Linux Foundation
22:21 Adobe creates Photoshop for audio?!
23:10 ??TIN FOIL HAT TIME ??
24:31 Back to you Justin!
25:47 ayyy LEGO
27:26 NEW SHIRTS! www.epicpants.com/ #AD
28:24 Favorite beer and whisky?
29:48 Metal influences in Zweihander?
30:40 Headphone options for new build?
Audiotechnica M30X: amzn.to/2g5ucpN
Audiotechnica M50X: amzn.to/2fboBxe
Samson SR850: amzn.to/2eRHmdX
Superlux HD668B: amzn.to/2feXzZ6

Holy smokes! What an episode. See you next week!

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