How to Get Windows 11 & Make it Awesome – How to Fix Windows 11

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1:15 Get Windows 10 and 11 cheap
3:25 Upgrading Windows 10 to 11
4:20 Enabling TPM in Bios
5:55 My FIRST impressions of Windows 11 (just goofing around)
9:18 Upgrading Windows 11
10:07 Remove Windows 11 rounded corners
10:46 Ultimate Tweak Took
14:30 Ninite
15:28 StartAllBack or Open-Shell
22:22 EarTrumpet (better volume control)
25:18 Power Toys (better snapping and a lot)
28:40 Everything (upgraded search)
Windows 11 was not designed for power users. It’s still Windows 10 under the hood, but the ui was designed to make it “softer and more accessible.” This means it’s going to be annoying for anyone who knows what they are doing. So, we are going to add the claws back in, undo the rounded edges, remove all the extra spacing on the talk bar, and restore a functional start menu (among other things).

Once I finished all these upgrades, I realized it’s a pretty good OS. I guess it’s kinda like Skyrim in that way… It’s water-down for the masses, but with the right community support and a few hacks/mods, it can be awesome. Here’s the software used:

Remove rounded corners:
Ultimate Windows Tweaker 5:
OR just grab it at Major Geeks:
Start Menu Replacements
StartAllBack to replace your Start Menu:
On Windows 10, you can use StartIsBack:
OpenShell is a free alternative with fewer features:
Find more start buttons here:

Get a better volume manager (EarTrumpet):

Get PowerToys:

Everything is the best search:


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